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Iceland: Experience at the Blue Lagoon

On my short trip to Iceland, one of my favorite, albeit touristic, spots was the Blue Lagoon. I had second thoughts about going here first since it was a top attraction but I also realized I would be missing out on a unique experience if I did. Upon leaving the Blue Lagoon, I was rather glad I opted to give it ...

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Hostel Review: Hlemmur Square in Reykjavik, Iceland

Hostels can vary in luxury both far and wide. My weekend jaunt to Iceland took me over to Hlemmur Square as I booked my trip last minute and most hostels were sold out or just not convincing enough to stay in. That’s high season in Iceland for you. Surprisingly enough I found out that the hostel is also a lux...

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Iceland – 3 Day Itinerary

A short while back I went on a weekend jaunt to Iceland. Sounds crazy, right? I flew in from the United States over to Iceland for a weekend with some friends determined to make the most of it. Of course 3 days is a short stay so what can a traveler do in 3 days? We did a ton! Here’s what you can cover in 3 d...

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Iceland Safety Travel Tips

Iceland is an amazing country with so much natural beauty lurking in every corner. As I started my research prior to my trip, I easily realized that it is also a country that can be dangerous for unsuspecting tourists and travelers. If you ever Google search “Iceland deaths”, you can find endless articles a...

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Hotel Review: Foss Hotel Núpar

Foss Hotel is a major chain of Icelandic hotels. If traveling through Iceland, you may notice that there is a scattering of hotels down the Ring Road with this name. Conveniently enough, there is probably enough of them to stay at a Foss Hotel each day if driving the Ring Road. We ended up at Foss Hotel Núpar ...

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Iceland on a Budget

Travelers may have heard that Iceland is expensive but it really does not hit home until you start booking accommodation and tours for your trip, especially during high travel season. Iceland is a country with a population of about 300,000 inhabitants. The limited population and resources paired with trending g...

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