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Restaurant Review | Alati at The Vedema Hotel in Santorini, Greece

Those staying at The Vedema, A Luxury Collection hotel in Santorini will become familiar with Alati as that is their only restaurant in the resort. Serving some great Greek fares, the restaurant is worth a try if staying here. I personally wanted to try the restaurant because it is situated inside an old wine c...

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Gluten Free Guide to Santorini

If headed to Santorini with a gluten allergy or sensitivity, know that restaurants generally understand what “gluten” is. During my nearly weeklong trip to Santorini, I stayed in several parts of the island and was able to sample so many different dishes this way. Surprisingly I didn’t get sick and am hopin...

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Santorini, Greece: Vedema, A Luxury Collection Resort Hotel Review

Touchdown! We made our way to Santorini this summer and chose to stay at The Vedema, a Luxury Collection hotel. Of course if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, it may come as no surprise to say we’re staying on SPG points again. Read on below for some glances of this amazing property right in the middl...

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Santorini, Greece: Aspaki Luxury Suites Hotel Review

If you’re looking for luxe and privacy in Oia on Santorini, consider adding the Aspaki Hotel to your list of stays. My anniversary (what I like to call an annual honeymoon) trip to Santorini this year landed Ben and I in various parts of the island with Oia being high on the list. Location Ever ...

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The Ultimate Santorini Packing Guide

Having just recently been to Santorini this summer, I’ve found that I had been unprepared in some respects and overly prepared in others. Throughout my week-long trip to Santorini, the warm weather plus high humidity made me go through more clothing changes than I expected. While I was unprepared going there, I...

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The Yacht Week Greece

Awhile back (ok, many months back) I went on an infamous little trip called The Yacht Week and had been meaning to write about my travels to Athens and the Greek Islands. I’ve just been extremely lazy until now. The Yacht Week was an awesome experience and I couldn’t let the experiences linger without w...

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