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Hotel Review: Traube Tonbach Hotel Baiersbronn, Germany

If you’re looking for a taste of classical German hospitality, definitely make an effort to stay at the Traube Tonbach hotel in the Black Forest of Germany as a stop on your trip. This hotel fuses bits of modern into a very classical and traditional German hotel right in the middle of the forest. Now wh...

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Munich, Germany: Oktoberfest Travel Tips and Advice

Headed to Oktoberfest sometime in the future? Perhaps planning a trip but not sure how to get there? What is even there? Well this travel guide will hopefully answer all those questions and then some! Oktoberfest, or Wiesn as the Bavarians call it, is a well-known annual beer festival held in Munich, Ger...

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Munich, Germany: Oktoberfest

Taking place just once a year in Munich, Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival in the world. I, of course, like to consider it to be the world’s largest multi-day German beer rager, but that’s just me. This awesome festival lasts 16 days long starting in September and ending at the first we...

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Munich, Germany: Test Driving BMWs with BMW On Demand

Ever wanted to drive a higher end BMW without going to a dealership and feeling awkward about test-driving a luxury car you’d never really buy? Besides, it’s not a real test drive if the salesman is trying to sell you the car every single minute of your dinky 10-15 minute ride. I’m sure a lot of you have ...

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Storkow, Germany: A German Wedding in the Countryside

After globe trotting around Europe for nearly 2.5 weeks, it feels great to be back in the states! These past weeks have been full of fun memories and new adventures, which I will be sharing on this blog in small pieces. One of the first stops on my trip was attending a German wedding. Ben’s frien...

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Hamburg, Germany: Celebrating the last of 2014

For New Years, Ben and I decided to celebrate with friends in Hamburg. We drove over from Mannheim, making a short stop in Cologne before reaching our destination. Since everyone had plans on New Year’s Eve, we figured it would be a good idea to have two celebrations- the day before New Yea...

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